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Allison From Palmdale Full Movie Download In Italian

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Original Title: Allison From Palmdale

Genge: Action,Drama,Sci-Fi,Thriller







































Kacy has complications with her pregnancy and Sarah takes her to the hospital. There she meets the baby's father, a LAPD detective. Meanwhile, Cameron has yet more problems when she draws a memory blank while shopping for groceries. She takes up with a young street person, Jody. While together, Cameron has a series of flashbacks recalling her interrogation of a young woman, Allison Young, who resembles Cameron to a tee. We learn of the reason for the lookalikes and Cameron's one-time mission. Elsewhere, Agent Ellison is still considering Catherine Weaver's job offer and asks his ex-wife, also an FBI agent, to do a background check on her.
Another malfunction causes Cameron to believe that she is actually a human from the future named Allison. Sarah accompanies her pregnant landlady to the hospital. Ellison continues to contemplate Catherine Weaver's job offer.
Cameron's chip goes awry again (probably needs a dusting), but this time she regresses to a past life.

This episode was a nice distraction from the usual game of cat and mouse that has become a little tiresome.

There was barely any character (or plot) development in the first series, so I was glad to get a taste of Cameron's future past. A terminator interrogates Allison to then personify her as a resistance puppet. A little of Allison rubbing off on her in the process. Maybe her good spirit is what keeps Cameron from the dark side.

We can only assume at this point that John catches and re-programs the terminator for his own ends to later send her back as his guardian angel. But perhaps it's Cameron who is actually pulling all the strings. before I watched this for the first time I didn't have Summer Glau as my favourite actress I didn't have a favourite actor, least favourite actor, favourite actress or least favourite actress. in this episode Cameron goes shopping and has amnesia and thinks she is a resistance fighter in the resistance that was captured. I built my "how to judge actors" all around this I think this is Terminator's 2nd best episode the first being the last episode "born to run" and Summer Glau felt scared and sad at one point each were believable Summer is so talented and attractive. Terminator: Sarah Connor chronicles Best action show with Angel and Firefly


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