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Original Title: The Terrifying Gambler

Genge: Animation,Action,Adventure,Family,Sci-Fi,Sport
































Speed is competing in the Monte Carlo Rally in order to qualify for the Monte Carlo Grand Prix. As he is driving he is shot at by a mysterious man named Mr. Flashbucks, who then demands that the duo drive him to Monte Carlo. Speed and Trixie later confront him in the casino where he denies ever meeting them. Speed then visits Flashbucks in his hotel room and he later admits that he is the man who carjacked them and that he is on the run. He then captures Speed and takes him to his hideout in the Alps where he reveals a plan to destroy all the oil refineries in the world in order to realize his scheme of forcing the world to run on electricity only, due to the fact that he owns a lot of stock in electric trains. He demonstrates this by blowing up the cars on the starting grid of the race. Trixie, Sparky, Sprytle and Chim Chim head off to the alps to try to find Speed. Can they stop Flashbucks before he carries out his mad scheme.
The Mach 5 team crosses paths with Mr Fastbucks, a wanted criminal with a taste for gambling and who's rigged Speed's latest race with explosives.

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