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Smart Fit The Battle Of Jericho Full Movie In Hindi Free Download Mp4

Smart Fit The Battle Of Jericho Full Movie In Hindi Free Download Mp4 ->>> DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)

Original Title: Smart Fit The Battle Of Jericho

Genge: Action,Adventure,Comedy,Crime,Family,Mystery,Sci-Fi

















































Max is investigating a madman who is blowing up high-rise buildings though CONTROL is not sure how he is doing it.
"Get Smart" has given us a lot of very memorable characters: Claw, Harry Hoo, Siegfried, Larabee, Hymie, Agents 13, 44, etc. etc. In this episode we meet agent Charlie Watkins (Angelique) for the first time. A master of disguise from CONTROL west, Max meets him in Las Vegas while on assignment following Frank Lloyd Joshua, a government contractor whose buildings KAOS mysteriously keep blowing up. Watkins is disguised as a beautiful cigarette girl and neither Max nor the audience has any clue she is really a man until he reveals it himself. Angelique, who was so memorable as Shana in the "Star Trek" episode "Gamesters of Triskillion" is funny here and quietly sexy. The stuff with her and Adams works great and Barbara Feldon plays her reaction to Charlie Watkins picture just great.

The rest of the episode, with Max going undercover at a Joshua construction site is just so-so (the sandwich phone is funny but the Adams stunt double is painfully obvious). Charlie Watkins would return in at least one other episode, but thankfully the powers that be at "GS" didn't beat this joke into the ground the way "SNL" tends to do. Another mission for the Agent 86 now he has to discover how the Govern's laboratories building were blowing,so Smart has to spying the meeting between Jericho the constructor and German Baron...with silver coin but after all misunderstandings Smart end up on a construction site undercover worker to try find out how the whole building is therefore exploded....the highlights of this episode is a blonde girl as cigarette girl in fact (she/he) is a male Control agent!!!

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